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A History of the Lodge of St.George No. 5691

The Consecration of the new Lodge was carried out on Saturday, 9th October, 1937 by The Rt. W.Bro. General Sir Francis Davies, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O. Deputy Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, and Provincial Grand Master for the Masonic Province of Worcestershire. He was assisted by W.Bro. Alfred Allen, P.G.D. the Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

Also present were two Past Assistant Grand Directors of Ceremony and two Past Grand Standard Bearers as well as 15 Past and Present Members of Provincial Grand Lodge, and 30 Past Masters and Brethren.

In these days we might be excused for feeling a little envious of the fact that at this first meeting no fewer than seven candidates were pro­posed for initiation, a rate maintained well into the second year.

The Charity box contained the sum of £6-15-0. equivalent to about £350 in today’s value. This sum was voted as a contribution towards the 1940 Festival of the Royal Masonic Institute for Girls.

The meal following the Ceremony was obviously rather a special one for the dining fee was ten shillings and sixpence, and therefore fairly expensive by today’s standards when one considers that then the average wage was less than £2 per week

Expenditure on the new Lodge including the cost of equipment and Founders and Consecrating Officers Jewels amounted to £124-14-0.

The popularity of the new Lodge obviously carried over into its subsequent meetings for there were no less than nineteen guests at the first Regular Meeting which was to see the first candidate, Mr. S. J. Smith, initiated.

There was no October Meeting in 1939 and Brother R. Davis had to wait until the November meeting before being installed as the Lodge's third Worshipful Master.

On the 24th Regular Meeting held on 19th May 1941, a deputation was received headed by W.Bro. A. W. Tenby, P.G.Treas. which requested the Lodge to consider the presentation of a Petition for a new Lodge to be formed to be called Frankley Beeches Lodge. The then Worshipful Master. Bro. W. Morris was pleased to inform him that it had been unanimously agreed to support the Petition and that furthermore the Lodge of St. George would present the new Lodge with a cushion to be placed under the Volume of Sacred Law whenever it met.

Frankley Beeches Lodge No. 5846 was duly consecrated on 30th April 1942. 7th May 1946 saw the consecration of our second daughter Lodge, The Lodge of Endeavour No. 6267.

Both daughter Lodges have since produced daughter Lodges of their own, and thus the Lodge of St. George are able to claim as their granddaughter Lodges Frankley St. George No. 8212 consecrated 4th September 1968, Victory Lodge No. 8506 consecrated 20th June 1973. and Trinity Lodge No. 8586 consecrated 6th September 1974.

In 1971 the Chapter of St. George was founded with many members being drawn from its family of Craft Lodges. E.Comp. C. E. Taylor of St. George was its first M.E.Z.

The Lodge of St. George Lodge of Instruction was formed in 1945. The Bye Laws were submitted and approved on 24th September 1945 by the R.W.Bro. General Sir Francis Davies, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., Deputy Grand Master, Provincial Grand Master,

The first Regular Meeting was held on 8th October 1945. Frankley Beeches Lodge No. 5846, our first daughter Lodge, joined with our Lodge of Instruction until 1953/54 when they formed their own Lodge of Instruction. The Lodge of Endeavour No. 6267. our second daughter Lodge, joined with our Lodge of Instruction from 1947 to when they decided to form their own in 1964, although members continued with our Lodge of Instruction until after the third Lodge of Instruction Festival in May 1967.

Perhaps as a direct result of the excellent work done by the Pre­ceptors over the years, the Lodge of St. George has been honoured by having a number of its members invited to assist the work of the Province.

One of the Founders, W.Bro. H. E. Hearne, P.A.G.D.C., was for several years the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

Others to enjoy acting Provincial rank were:- W.Bro. P. Isaac, Dep. G.Reg., W.Bro. I. Cobley, Asst. St.B., W.Bros. H. G. Seal and C. Lamb Asst. Purs., and W.Bros. W. C. Taylor, H. G. Hall, R. C. Vaughan, J. Cosgrove and Bro. S. Wright as Stewards, culminating in the appoint­ment of W.Bro. R. C. Vaughan as Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 1986. W.Bro. R.L. Smalley has served as acting Prov. ADC and in 2004 W.Bro. R. C. Vaughan was promoted to Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

W.Bro. E. A. Darlaston, P.Prov. J.G.W. was President of the Worcestershire Associated Masonic Lodges in 1980 and W.Bro. J. W. Hardeman, P.G.Std.B., was elected President in 1983, having served as Chairman of Group 12, W.A.M.L.'s, for 25 years.

Nor has Charity been neglected. The Lodge is a Patron of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution, a Patron of the Royal Masonic Institution for Girls, Double Patron of Royal Masonic Hospital, and Patron of the Royal Masonic Institution for Boys.

The present members acknowledge with gratitude the work of all those brethren who have gone before them and all are very conscious that what they created is of immense value and should be preserved and built on.

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