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Our extensive experience in many types of business enables us to provide sound realistic advice and direction. For over 15 years we have identified the needs of our clients and offered  solutions both, IT and general business related. Our current clients enjoy unbiased impartial advice and call upon us to help improve their systems and business practices.

We can identify areas that could be improved by making just the smallest of changes and seamlessly integrate changes to bring about better productivity and recognised cost benefits.

Example scenario:

One of our clients was receiving increasing number of faxes for different parts of the building. We recommended and installed a system which enabled the receiving of faxes on one computer with the ability to “send” the fax to the printer nearest the actual recipient. This enabled faster receipt for the intended recipients, cheaper printing of faxes and the ability to discard unwanted faxes at no cost.

Why not contact us and give us the opportunity to examine some or all of your operation and see if we can increase efficiency, improve productivity and importantly - save you money!