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Networking is the most efficient use of your computer hardware and software. Whether it’s connecting two computers to share a single printer or installing a large office server/client  infrastructure, we can help.

Using the correct software we can setup several different scenarios depending on your requirements. We have many years of experience in identifying our customers needs and seamlessly integrating a networked solution.

We can provide straightforward advice on which type of arrangement will suit your business and enable expansion in the future.

From adding another point to your existing network to a multi-floor, office installation we can offer a highly competitive price.

The correct choice of hardware and software is the key to a successful and cost effective network installation or upgrade.  We can recommend, supply, install, setup and maintain everything you need for a first class computer network.

Need to log into your works network from home? Not a problem, we have several solutions and can ensure a confidential, secure connection for access virtually anywhere.

We can offer a complete overhaul of your cabling system and install both data and voice (telephones) over the same infrastructure. This enables maximum flexibility and remarkable cost benefits.