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On-site Training can be the most efficient way to get your staff the training they require. No expensive travelling to off-site locations, no wasted time and specific training tailored to the needs of your business. We can quickly assess your training needs and provide realistic, results focused training in small bite-sized sessions to get the best out of the time available.

Most of our training is done at the employees desk and enables the training to take on a practical, operational focus. Sessions can be arranged away from the work place if required perhaps in an adjoining room or nearby training facility. We aim to integrate as much of the training to apply to the employees current work parameters enabling “buy-in” from the employee and avoiding topics that will be of little future use.

We have experience in training on a one-on-one basis up to large classroom scenarios.

Our specialism is in training IT systems and packages to fit our clients requirements, ensuring staff have the knowledge they need to be efficient and get the best use from their equipment and software packages.